Data Repository


Mostly original, photocopied or digital versions of documents, pictures related to the activity of the Museum are kept in the Data Repository. Dr. Sándor Mihályné contributed enormously to the foundation of the Repository through providing the data of her ethnographical and historical studies in 1974. In 1978 the papers and results of the research associated to the Berettyóújfalu monography were added to the collection. Apart from the notes produced by ethnographical and local historical study of the research field, unpublished articles, theses, copies of original documents, video and audio records, papers related to the Museumare kept in our most studied collection which includes several thousands of items.


General Historical Documents


It was originally established upon the Miskolczy family papers. In that large collection original photographs, certificates, personal and official documents can be found which have historical importance, especially the postcards of Berettyóújfalu.  



Photo Collection


The Collection includes more than 4000 items among them glass plates, negatives and paper copies. The most treasured photographs depict local events and transformation of the cityscape.


The collection was founded through acquiring few glass plates and old negatives. Later event photos taken in the Museum and in the exhibitions were added to the collection which currently contains more than 4300 inventoried items.


Collection of History of Literature


The collection was formed in 1974 on the basis of the inheritance of Nadányi Zoltán and Nagy Imre, a poet from Sárrétudvari. Apart from documents other objects as well can be found in these collections. That’s the reason why the unit was divided into two parts: collection of literary objects and literary manuscripts. Both of them comprise documents, books, manuscripts, objects of poets and authors lived in Bihar County. 800 items belong to the collection of literary objects, while the collection of literary manuscripts include 3500 documents.


Collection of Visual Arts


Founded in 1974 when Bényi Árpád painted in Berettyóújfalu and his several paintings were taken to the Museum. Besides Bényi, works (paintings, graphics and figurines) of visual artists related to the Bihar region and materials of artist retreats took place form the core of the collection. Furthermore, works of art, ex librissen, graphics presented by Dancsházi Nagy Márton (art collector originally from Berettyóújfalu later moved to Budapest) form a considerable part of the collection includes 2000 items.




The library of the Museum is available for the visitors cost-free as a non-public reference library. The collection contributes widely to the work of scholars. Furthermore, a separated reading room is provided. Key sections: museology, ethnography, art history, history, publications of other museums acquired through mutual relationships. It was founded on the basis of the duplicates presented by the Organisation of Museums and the University Library. The library expands year by year considerably with books and journals through mostly donation, mutual relationships and purchase in a smaller percentage.


Ethnographical Collection


In 1974 primarily it was extended with collections of schools (Szentpéterszeg, Berekböszörmény, Berettyóújfalu), such as the objects of spinning and weaving, peasant households and farming. The collection includes mostly everyday articles such as furniture, clothes, and interior textiles related to the peasantry lived in the research area of the Museum till the mid-20th century.


Collection of Natural Sciences


Founded in 1998 when the Museum of Bihar purchased from funds 82 minerals and rocks from the collection of Böttkös Sándor a collector from Debrecen with a purpose of applying them as educational materials in geography classes.


Collection of Historical Objects


Objects with historical significance used decades or centuries before belong to the collection of historical objects of the Museum of Bihar.